A happy customer is your most influential marketing tool

In today’s digital world, Google has given the consumer endless possibilities when it comes to finding a product or service. So when we are in need of a photographer but haven’t been recommended any, what do we do?

Type in: ‘Photographers near Manchester’ You are now given pages and pages of results, a map with photographers in a 5 mile radius of your current location, their websites, their social media pages…SO MANY CHOICES!     But which photographer to choose; which will provide a good service and give me a good price?

The next step? To look for customer testimonials and reviews of work on their website.

We know the power of a testimonial and how hugely influential they are at supporting the credibility of our business and the services we provide BUT do we know how to turn these testimonials into business leads?
Answer: social

Once you have added your testimonials on your website for all your potential customers to see, use Social Media platforms to leverage how many people come across your testimonials. Video & Picture testimonials posted on Facebook and Twitter will get ‘liked’ and seen by your loyal customers and they will in turn share and ‘Like’ if they have had the same great service and want to tell others.

The Zero Moment of truth or ZMOT, by Brian Solis helps us discover how first impressions are formed online and have a big impact on what we decide to buy, based on other consumers sharing
their own experiences online.


Don’t let a great testimonial just sit on your website collecting dust: Regularly post them on social media, and let your customers do the selling.  A happy customer, sends a happy tweet and get your business good exposure.

To read our happy testimonials:   Follow @bnionline on twitter and search for the #MyBNIStory hashtag                      Thank you for reading   @janey_lm 

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